Algerian-Mauritanian Border Is A Closed Military Zone

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icon-writer Abderazzak.B/English version: Dalila Henache

Mauritanian authorities declared the border strip with Algeria a closed military zone that is forbidden to civilians, because of the large activity of drug traffickers.

A statement from the Mauritanian Defense Ministry called on all its citizens, who live in the closed military zone in the north of the country, to refrain from any civil action in the area, because it is difficult to distinguish between peaceful civilians and drug smugglers who have recently invaded the area.

"Arrival of groups of drug traffickers was a direct reason for declaring the military zone a restricted area, to be reported that anyone crossing or moving in this part of the national territory takes the risk of being shot without prior warning".

According to the same source, the areas that are concerned with the decision are the areas of the north-east and Ain Bentili in the north-west, and Tishit in the south-west, and Lamrih in the south.

Last week, Mauritanian media reported that the army clashed with armed drug smugglers in these areas.

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