Judicial Authorities Release Kamaleddine Fakhar

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icon-writer Mohamed.L/English version: Dalila Henache

Judicial authorities released, on Sunday, a human rights activist, Kamaledine Fakhar, who was detained for two years since the events of Ghardaia, southern Algeria, in the summer of 2015.

Lawyer of the accused, Saleh Dabouz, posted on his official Facebook page, pictures that were taken by Kamaledine Fakhar inside a car, which are likely to be picked up after the defendant's release.

Kamaledine Fakhar was prosecuted on numerous charges of following the events of Ghardaia (Southern Algeria), including "the crime of forming criminal cell in order to undermine the territorial integrity and national security, and incitement to murder and damage to property, armed and unarmed gatherings.", as he was held in prison following his conviction in two cases.

Fakhar, 54, is a prominent activist in Ghardaia, after he abandoned his medical profession after being harassed before joining the Socialist Forces Front (FFS) party from which he was expelled in 2011, and the Algerian League for the Human Rights Defense, where he was arrested and imprisoned several times.

Kemaledine Fakhar did not hide his pride in the idea of ​​autonomy that was offered by Farhat Mehani, and adopt it, although he did not receive any support from the residents of the region. 

He sent a letter to Ban Ki-moon, the former General-Secretary of the United Nations on July,2, 2015, asking for the protection against the oppression of the indigenous Mobabit inhabitants".

In early 2015, Ghardaia province (Southern Algeria) noticed clashes between the Arabs of Shaanba and Amazigh, resulting in the killing of 23 people and the arrest of more than one hundred, including Fakhar, who was arrested on July 9 of the same year.

On March 30, 14 detainees were released after their arrest in the events of the state of Ghardaia after having benefited from acquittal sentences during the ordinary criminal session of the Medea District Council after having spent more than 20 months in pre-trial detention.

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