Over 2500 Cases Of Smuggling, Money Laundering and 5 thousand false statements

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icon-writer Nouara Bachouche/English version: Dalila Henache

Figures of the Financial Investigation Unit at the Finance Ministry indicate that 2,500 cases of smuggling and money laundering were registered between January,1 and June,1, of this year, while the FIU recorded more than 5,000 false statements that were made by natural and moral persons during 2016 and the first six months of the current year.

An official in the Financial Investigation Unit at the Finance Ministry told Echorouk that the registered cases were based on reports that were prepared with the most important partners with whom the financial inquiry cell deals directly, namely: the Central Bank, the Tax and Customs Department and various security services like Gendarmerie, police and Military Security, and the non-financial institutions such as notaries, lawyers, accountants and car dealers, and new bodies that are incorporated in 2012, such as the General Inspectorate of Finance, State Property Management and the Public Treasury, through collecting information by means of notices of similarity that are provided by persons and entities who are subject to the authorization under Article 19 of the AML / CFT Act, it then analyzes the data and then estimates, depending on the degree of the attributed suspicion, whether or not the file is sent to the agent of the Republic, which in turn will initiate the proceedings.

Same source added that the number of cases that is received by the Financial Investigation Unit from the Customs Department, the Central Bank and Taxes broke the index compared with other services, while the number of reports rose to 250 reports of money laundering during the six months of the current year, while the Financial Intelligence Unit reached nearly 5,000 false statements that were made by natural and moral persons in 2016 and the first semester of 2017, which resulted in the registration of 2500 cases of smuggling and money laundering.

Responsible sources at the Central Directorate of Subsequent and Fraud Control at the General Directorate of Customs said that the number of investigations that were opened by their services during the first six months of this year, reached 450 investigations that are related to the smuggling of foreign currency and money laundering, involving economic institutions, Algerian and foreign importers, while the number of files that were transferred to justice during the same period reached 1400 files.

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