Gaid Salah: “ANP Army Is Able To Thwart Conspiracies And Abort Desperate Schemings”

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icon-writer Nouara Bachouche /*/ English Version: Med.B.

The National People's Army (ANP) is staunchly committed to consolidating Algeria's security, defending its independence and preserving its national sovereignty and unity, said Vice- Minister of National Defense, Chief of Staff of the ANP, Army Corps General Ahmed Gaïd Salah in the editorial of a special issue of El Djeich Magazine devoted to the 55th anniversary of Algeria’s hard-won independence.

"Our greatest concern in the National People's Army (ANP), worthy heir to the National Liberation Army (ALN), is to further bolster Algeria's security, defend its independence, preserve its national sovereignty, stability and unity," stressed the Army Corps General.

"With this clearly in mind, we strive with selflessness and loyalty under the leadership of His Excellency the President of the Republic, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, the Minister of National Defense, in order to achieve the rank of genuine strength and a high level of professionalism through which we will lay the solid foundations of a modern, strong and fearful Army in accordance with the requirements of the acquisition of deterrent force factors and which go hand in hand with the extent of the constitutional missions assigned to the national armed forces," he underlined.

The Army Corps General stressed that the "tangible" results obtained on the ground in several areas bear witness to the firm and constant determination and commitment of the High Command of the ANP to enable our country to confront and face up to all the challenges, including those of aborting all plots and other destabilizing plans concocted by its enemies ".

It is also a question, he said, of "making an effective contribution to the effort to restore security and of opposing, with rigor, determination and firmness, any attempt to disturb the quietude of our people by ridding our country of the heinous scourge of terrorism".

For Lieutenant-General Gaïd Salah, "what has been accomplished in this field in recent years, testifies to the correctness of the approach adopted by the ANP, strongly supported by the Algerian people, who are gathered around their national army".

In this regard, he added, the ANP "has proved on many occasions its great ability to adapt to emergency and perilous situations, which only increases our determination to continue the work, to permanently eradicate the latest terrorist remnants and their support among the nefarious networks of smuggling and organized crime".

He also said that the ANP "is making significant efforts to build a foundation for military production and development, relying essentially on our own human and material potentialities, in cooperation with foreign partners, with a view to fulfilling the needs of the national armed forces and contributing to the promotion of a genuine national industrial fabric”. 

The Army Corps General considered that "the positive results recorded are the result of the sacred character conferred by the elements of the ANP to its constitutional missions stemming from the very substance of the doctrine guiding its glorious Liberating Revolution, a deep and unshakable faith in national values and an awareness of the magnitude of the challenges of duty and the need to address them efficiently without fail".

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