Gang of "Employees" Steal Cancer Medicines And Sell Them As Drugs

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The Court in El Harrach on Sunday imposed sentences ranging from one year in prison to six years in prison, along with fines of between 50 and 200 thousand dinars, against four people, accused of the misdemeanor of forming a gang of culprits by selling illegal drugs having adverse mental effects on others through dishonesty.

The latter include a staff member of the central pharmacy of a hospital in the Algiers suburban district of Semar led by a sanitation agent and a staff member of the Department of Guidance and Information, who colluded in the smuggling of pharmaceuticals of the type of "Rifutril" which are used to alleviate the pain of the cancer disease.

According to the trial session, the security services began their investigations into the case during the last month of Ramadan. 

One of the defendants was arrested by the security forces of Baraki in the eastern outskirts of the capital, wearing a plastic bag containing 170 stolen bottles of "Rifutril" medicine.

It turned out during the Court’s hearing that the drugs were being circulating by the arrested gang members for sale among drugs’ addicts for 1,200 Dinars per bottle. The security forces seized in their intervention a total of 2,800 bottles of this type.

The other defendants admitted during questioning by the judge all the charges leveled against them. One of them said that he was addicted to the consumption of "rusty rifutril", while he was in charge of cleaning the hospital wards and managed to steal with the help of accomplices large amounts of such drugs in several stages.

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