Almost a million people entered Tunisia across Taref

date 2017/07/16 views 491 comments 0

icon-writer By: Souad. K. / English version: M. A.

A big flow of people is noticed in transition centres in the province of Taref. A total of 10,000 passengers per day is expected. More than 3,000 passengers flowed in one day, according to border guards.

Border guards chief in Taref Sabih Houk said that more than 900,000 passengers passed by land transition centres in Oum Toboul and Ayoun. Of them, 330,922 foreigners of different nationalities.

Sepaking about vehicles movement, the officer said 183,763 national and foreign cars passed by the transition centres. A total of 89,293 foreign vehicles were reported in Oum Toboul and 61,376 in Ayoun.

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