Five People From Same Family Killed In Road Accident In Laghouat

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Five people from the same family were killed, including a girl, in a road accident that occurred Monday on the N° 23 National Road in the southern province of Laghouat.

The ill-fated accident, which occurred very early in the morning, halfway between the town of Aflou and the locality of Gueltat Sidi Saad, involved two vehicles, a refrigerator lorry and a pickup truck.

On-site sources told Echorouk that a driver might have lost control of his vehicle and crashed head-on into the other vehicle arriving in the opposite direction.

The terrible accident resulted in the deaths of five of their occupants (6-50 years) and injuries to two others (3 and 38 years).

The bodies of the victims were deposited in the morgue of the public hospital of Aflou, establishment to which were also evacuated the two wounded.

An investigation was initiated by the National Gendarmerie to determine the exact causes of this tragic accident.

List of victims:

-Newfi Fateh was born in 1980 in the province of Ouargla.

-Newfi Massouda was born in 1993 in the province of Ouargla.

-Newfi M’barka was born in 1991 in the province of Ouargla.

-Newfi Mustapha was born in 1987 in the province of Ouargla.

-Sarah Newfi was born in 2014 in the province of Ouargla.

1,343 deaths and 14,500 injuries recorded between January and May 2017 in Algeria

According to statistics from the National Center for Prevention and Road Safety (CNPSR), road accidents caused 1,343 deaths and 14,500 injured during the first five months of 2017.

The statistics of the center presented at the launch of the national road accident prevention campaign showed that the number of deaths decreased by 177 cases compared to the same period of the previous year (January to May 2016) where 1,520 Individuals had died in traffic accidents, a decline of 11.64%.

With regard to the number of road accidents recorded between January and May 2017, 10,206 accidents were registered against 11,663 during the same period in 2016, a decrease of 12.49%.

With 601 recorded accidents, the province of Algiers comes in first position, followed by the provinces of M'sila with 456 accidents and Setif with 428.

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