PM Tebboune Freezes Decisions to Grant New Agricultural Land Reserves

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The Premiership Office issued a statement on Monday saying that "Prime Minister Abdelmadjid Tebboune has ordered the freezing of decisions concerning the allocation of agricultural land reserves for the creation of new agricultural and livestock farms".

The decision, the same source added, was taken at the end of an inter-ministerial council chaired by Mr. Tebboune and devoted to the examining of the situation of agricultural land reserves in the national domain in the presence of the ministers of the Interior and Local Assemblies, Finance as well as Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries.

At this meeting, "an evaluation was made of the various measures implemented in the framework of public policies aimed at ensuring agricultural renewal in all the regions of the country, with access to agricultural land and the creation of new farms", the same source added.

At the end of the presentation of the file by the Minister of Agriculture, and after mentioning the "dysfunctions, lapses and other logjam factors that characterize the sector", the Prime Minister instructed the ministerial departments concerned "to freeze decisions affecting agricultural land reserves for the creation of new agricultural and livestock farms, in particular pilot farms involving private partners, pending arbitration by the State Shareholders' Council (CPE) which will hold a meeting shortly, to this effect".

Mr. Tebboune also issued instructions to initiate an operation "reviewing the texts and regulatory provisions governing the management, allocation and exploitation of agricultural land reserves, while ensuring that the contradictions observed are duly overcome while drawing up a new set of specifications determining the conditions for access to agricultural land reserves in the national domain ". 

The source however indicated the freeze does not concern real investments already made.

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