Arab crises reinforce Algeria’s endeavors to reform Arab League

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icon-writer By: Mohamed Meslem / English version: M. A.

A visit paid by Yemeni Prime Minister Abdelmalek Al Makhlafi showed that Algeria had started concretising its endeavours to reform the Arab League.

“Sanaa and Algiers agree on the necessity of reforming the Arab situation including the Arab League. Its performance was criticised by many Arab nations in the last few years,” said the Yemeni Prime Minister.

The Arab world experiences the worst division ever. Many nations suffer wars such as Syria, Yemen, Libya and Iraq. Moreover, a Qatari crisis was triggered with its neighbours. The Arab League’s Secretary General is still dominated by Egypt. It is incapable of doing what should be done to avoid more problems.

Many Arab nations joined military conflicts and fell in the trap of seeking influence by calling for the help of foreign nations. The crisis between Doha, on one hand and Riyadh, Abu Dabi, Manama and Cairo, on another hand, will be the biggest slap to the Arab League.

Algeria was the first nation which called for reforming the Arab League from inside. In 2005, it proposed alternation of the Secretary General position. Yet, an alliance between Gulf nations and Egypt foiled this attempt.

Algeria says the Arab League is incapable of managing the situation in member nations which experience crises. 

Algerian foreign minister Abdelkader Messahel said the Arab League can not be compared to the African Union due what was achieved in the Libyan issue by the African organisation.

All it seems that the Algerian approach to reform the Arab League is accepted by most of members. Algiers has always kept its impartiality about Arab-Arab conflicts.

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