Algeria Spent DZD 1.2 Billion To Repatriate African Nationals To Their Countries

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icon-writer Mohamed.L/English version: Dalila Henache

Algeria will allocate an additional 40 billion centimes to deport African nationals who are in Algeria to their countries of origin, Head of the National Council for Human Rights, Fafa Sayed Lakhdar Ben Zerrougui, said on Sunday.

"Between 2014 and 2016, Algeria spent between 80 billion centimes in deportations of 6,000 kids and 18,000 women to their countries of origin", Ben Zerrougui said during a study day marking the International Day Against Human Trafficking.

On the subject of the meeting, Ben Zerrougui asserted that "Algeria has always strengthened its legal arsenal to combat the phenomenon of human trafficking, which is" new to it ", and has incorporated a special section of this phenomenon into the Penal Code in 2009 and the enactment of criminal proceedings in this context like the establishment of the National Commission for the Prevention and Combating of Human Trafficking in 2016, that is chaired by the Prime Minister.

It also suspended the nature of the work of the National Council for Human Rights in this area, which monitors all possible violations and receives complaints for appropriate measures".

At the international level, Ben Zerrougui said that Algeria ratified all international and regional treaties and conventions in this context, reflecting its interest and will to confront this transnational phenomenon.

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