Industry Minister, Bedda, Sets New Conditions For Car Manufacturers

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The first phase of the drafting of the new book of specifications governing the automobile industry in Algeria has been finalized, said the Ministry of Industry and Mines in a statement issued in Algiers.

During this first phase, several meetings were held, bringing together senior officials from the relevant ministry and experts in the field, in order to make changes and to rectify the existing text which did not achieve the expected objectives for the public authorities," noted the same source.

"The main conclusions of this first stage relate mainly to the requirement in the medium term to export part of the production and to require a minimum stake of the foreign partner in the capital of the created Algerian companies," the ministry said.

The draft text also requires manufacturers to mobilize their subcontractors and equipment manufacturers to help domestic companies increase the rate of integration and encourage the creation of a subcontracting industry, it further underscored.

The proposals provide for certain transitional measures to allow the implementation of measures to be adopted by the new book of specifications, the ministry said, adding that further meetings will be held in the coming days with operators involved in this sector of activity.

The objective of these consultations is to "reach a consensual text that implies, without exclusion, all the stakeholders involved in this field of endeavor", the statement added.

The Minister of Industry and Mines, Mr. Mahdjoub Bedda, "will ensure personally that these specifications, which will be finalized shortly, take into account the interests of all parties at issue".

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