Raouraoua Breaks His Silence And Lambasts Against Zetchi

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Former Algerian football federation president Mohamed Rouraoua broke his silence and firmly castigated his successor Kheireddine Zetchi after accusations leveled by the latter against his predecessor regarding some pending files.

 "Zetchi should strive to take the national football team to the upcoming World Cup instead of charging me," Raouraoua said in an exclusive interview with Echorouk News TV on Monday night.

Mr. Raouraoua also replied strongly to Zetchi’s letter to the Arab Union in which he questioned the usefulness of a number of Algerian sports personalities such as Mahfoud Kerbadj and Hamid Hadadj at the Arab Club Championship in Egypt.

 "Zetchi is not entitled to talk about Algeria's representatives in international bodies because he is ignorant even of their real number”, Raouraoua hammered.

"No one has the right to change the law of amateur clubs and the FAF General Assembly is the only body which can rescind the FAF Hotel project," he said. 

"I left behind a million dollars, and 730 billion centimes, (DA), new FAF headquarters and the technical sports center of Sidi Moussa, which are accessible to everyone and no one, can blame me for any misdemeanor," Raouraoua added.

The former president of the FAF, also stated that some conflicting parties want to use his name in some cases in order to settle accounts, stressing to this effect that he is far from the current wrangle between the President of the National Football Association, Mahfoud Karbadj and the head of the FAF Federation Kheireddine Zetchi, saying: "I have nothing to do with the disagreement between the two men and some shadowy parties want to settle lingering scores by using my name."

Mr. Raouraoua also seized the opportunity of this interview to respond to those who accused him of allegedly lacking patriotism, after a video was published in Cairo last week in which he wished to see the Egyptian Ahly squad qualify on the eve of their fixture vs the Algerian representative of Nasr Hussein Dey as part of the Arab Clubs’ Championship held in Egypt.


 "No one can explain to me the meaning of patriotism and I know well the interests of the Algerian clubs," he underscored.

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