Algerian man attacked in Tunisia

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icon-writer By: Rachid Chouikh / English version: M. A.

Two days ago, unknown men attacked an Algerian citizen in a rented house in Tunis where he spent holidays with his family, Echorouk has learnt.

The victim is named Yazid Khalil. He comes from El oued. Each summer, he goes to the Tunisian capital for vacation with his wife and children. He rented a house in a popular area.

A few days ago, an unidentified group stole all his belongings and money. They also attacked him. A number of neighbours intervened and the victim was taken to hospital.

His family in El Oued had not heard any news about him for more a week. Because of that, his relatives went to look for him in Tunisia before he had been found wounded in a hospital.

Thefts have been increasing in Tunisia since summer began. Most of the victims are Algerian.

Earlier in July, a bus carrying USMA football club’s fans was attacked in the city of Tunis.

Last week, an Algerian university teacher and his family were attacked and all their belongings were stolen as they spent holidays in Tunisia.

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