Algerian Authorities Launch New Operations To Deport African Migrants

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icon-writer Abderrazzak.B/English version: Dalila Henache

Algerian authorities launch new operations of deporting illegal migrants from Niger in coordination with the authorities of this country, Foreign Ministry announced on Tuesday.

"In order to confront the phenomenon of illegal immigration and human trafficking, the Algerian authorities, in coordination with their Niger counterpart, decided to resume, from the beginning of August, the deportation of nationals of this country who reside illegally", Foreign Ministry spokesman Ben Ali Cherif said in a statement.

"Algerian authorities are keen to carry out these operations, within the framework of respect for human rights and in safe and good conditions with the participation of the Algerian Red Crescent".

A few days ago Ben Zeroufi Fafa, head of the Supreme Council for Human Rights, confirmed that Algeria deported, between 2014 and 2016, over 6,000 children and 18,000 women, a process that costed DZD 8 billion, adding that the government is preparing an additional DZD 4 billion to finish deportations.

"Algerian Interior Ministry formed a committee comprising representatives from several ministerial sectors, representatives of the Algerian Red Crescent and the National Council for Human Rights, to examine the phenomenon of illegal immigration and organized crime, which is behind the destabilization of any country. Interior Ministry allocated 50 teams to investigate the human trafficking in Algeria".

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