Algeria Requests French Assistance To Create Specialized Institutes

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icon-writer Mohamed.L/English version: Dalila Henache

Higher Education and Scientific Research Minister, tahar Hadjar, held talks on Tuesday with French Ambassador to Algeria Xavier Driencourt, who discussed ways and means to "strengthen the existing cooperation between Algeria and France".

According to a statement that was issued by the ministry on Wednesday, the two sides reviewed, during their meeting, the 834 agreements that were signed between the Algerian and French universities.

"The figure reflects the importance of this cooperation, especially in the field of training and higher education, and scientific research as well," the statement added.

"Talks also covered other files, especially those related to the applied science and technology institutes,and the higher education sector sought the assistance of French experts to create such institutes".

"There are institutes that participated significantly in the social and economic development in different regions of the country, where the first batch, which consists of about forty holders of certificates of application in 2017, graduated from the Institute of Petroleum in Ouergla".

According to the statement, the Algerian party intends to expand this type of education in the states of Oran and Bechar through the opening of two institutes, the first related to the automobile industry and the second in the field of hydrocarbons. 

According to the parties, the outcome of this cooperation is "very concrete" and has a "promising future".

Both sides expressed their desire to pursue new opportunities for cooperation, especially in the field of scientific research, "in order to reflect the various research projects that were carried out at the level of laboratories of Algerian universities", especially in the context of the relationship between the institution and the university.

They also agreed to encourage scientific research publications in well-known magazines such as Scorpus and others to improve the classification of Algerian universities.

Hadjar and Driencourt agreed to support the mobility of doctoral students and exchange between Algerian and French universities, especially through the signing of university agreements.

Finally, the two sides touched on other issues during their meeting, particularly the signing of cooperation agreements in the field of medical sciences and scientific research.

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