Algerians Allowed To Enter Russia's Far East Without A Visa

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icon-writer Nouara Bachouche /*/ Enbglish Version: Med.B.

The Russian authorities on Wednesday formally applied the decision to exempt Algerians from among 18 countries from a visa in order to visit the far east of Russia.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev issued an order Wednesday to begin implementing visa cancellation procedures. "Those wishing to visit Russia's easternmost region will no longer need to be issued visas, They will be able to enter after filling out a simple data form on the Internet".

"I have agreed to a list of countries whose citizens, especially businessmen and tourists, will enjoy preferential treatment. They can enter Russia without a visa," the Russian prime minister said during a meeting with the vice premier. "They will only be able to register on a private website".

The decision exempts all tourists and businessmen, as Russia seeks to attract more tourists to its eastern region, while continuing to enter Moscow and other regions, with the visa as usual.

In addition to Algeria, the abolition of the visa includes citizens of eight Arab countries: Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Morocco, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Oman, along with a number of other countries such as Brunei, India, Iran,  Mexico, Singapore, Turkey and Japan.

This is in parallel with the French authorities taking a new decision to grant visas to 10 new countries within 48 hours, a move which did not include Algeria, whose citizens are usually waiting for six months to be granted a "visa", thus reversing the firm promises made by the French authorities regarding the facilitation measures on the granting of visas to Algerians to enter French territory in a standard circumstance. 

This much selective attitude was denounced by "the General Confederation of Labor Union," which criticized the French Foreign Ministry, for its untoward preferential policy in granting visas to countries, with on focus the latest decision taken by the French authorities to grant visas to citizens of ten new countries within a 48 hour period.

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