France’s senators recommend to boost partnership between European Union and Algeria

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icon-writer By: Sofiane. A. / English version: M. A.

Members of the French Senate advised Algeria to allow European companies to invest on its lands if it wants to become a big strong country. They considered that reactivating relations between Europe and Algeria needs a dialogue between Maghrebin nations as part of the Maghrebin Union.

According to a report released by the Senate, France is Algeria’s largest commercial partner.

“Bilateral trade increased by 136 percent between 2002 and 2014. This was due to high gas and oil exports as they reached $43 billion in 2015-2016,” it said.

The report recommended to boost relations between Algeria and the European Union by determining new priorities for the economic partnership.

“Euro-Mediterranean relations cannot be reinforced only if there is a dialogue with Algeria as it plays a major role in the region’s stability,” it added.

France’s Senate believes that Algeria should allow European companies to invest on its lands. “Relaunching Euro-Algerian relations needs to revive dialogue between Maghrebin countries. This would be done as part of the Maghrebin Union to make it a real partner for the European Union.”

The report also said Algeria’s economic transformation which aims at facing oil price fall is linked to its opening to Europe.

The report was prepared by Simon Sutour,  member of the Senate of France, representing the Gard department. He visited Algiers in July to assess cooperation between the European Union and Algeria.

He was accompanied by a delegation of deputies who met many Algerian officials and French personalities.

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