French Consulate: “Visa Requirements Unchanged For Algerian Students In France”

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The French Consulate in Algeria announced that the conditions or procedures for granting visas to Algerian students had not been changed and that more than 23,000 Algerian students were currently studying in France.

The French consulate said in a statement on Wednesday that in order to ensure the student's course of study, the services of the French Consulate focus on the conditions of residence, especially after the registration of many irregularities on this point and the negative cases observed among students.

The French Consulate affirms that in order to grant the visa to Algerian students, two main steps must be taken: to support the student in achieving his or her academic career through the five spaces specified between Algeria and France, and to address the other documents comprising the visa file, including "residence conditions, financial resources, with no expiry".

As for residence conditions, the student is required to provide accurate information about the address he will reside in when he arrives in France and which should be valid for the first three months of his stay in France. 

If he is staying at a hotel, he is required to show the booking document and the total amount to ensure payment of all costs, with 30% of the hotel booking value to ensure good students’ stability in the best conditions.

In the case of residence at a person’s house, he or she is required to show a certificate of authoritative declaration with proof of residence documents of the person hosting the student.

In case of residence in an educational institution, for example, the file must contain a certificate attesting to his receipt by such an institution.

According to the same source, analysis of the first files of the current year by the visa authorities revealed that more than three quarters of the files included a hotel reservation that was canceled once the visa was secured or on the second day of the booking.

The French Consulate also confirms that in the case of cancellation of the hotel reservation or change of residence, the student is obliged to justify his place of residence upon his arrival in France during the first three months; otherwise he or she will be denied the visa and  prevented from entering the border and be summoned to depart from France. 

The French Consulate further confirmed that more than 23 thousand Algerian students are currently studying in France.

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