Tunisian Ambassador: “There Are No Systematic Attacks Against Algerians In Tunisia”

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icon-writer Abdeslem Sakia /*/ English Version: Med.B.

The Tunisian Ambassador in Algeria, His Excellency Abdelmadjid Al Fershishi, stated that the talk about the alleged existence of systematic targeting of the Algerian brothers in Tunisia is unfounded.

An Algerian diplomat in Tunis denied to “Echorouk” that there was definite information about the killing of an Algerian yesterday in Tunisian territory, while some Facebook pages, spoke of the existence of "isolated intimidation acts and nothing else”, but notwithstanding, it was registered a "record" influx of Algerians towards Tunisia this year.

"I do not know the incident, and the incident may have been an accidental incident," the Tunisian senior diplomat told ”Echorouk”. "We do not consider an Algerian citizen present in Tunisian territory as just a tourist, but as a brother to us." he said.

"Tunisia does not forget the Algerian stand with us in our ordeal in 2015," he added, referring to the Algerian stand in favor of Tunisia, in the aftermath of the ill-fated terrorist attacks that targeted the Bardo museum in the capital Tunis and then in Sousse.

Al-Fershishi denied the systematic targeting of Algerians in Tunisian soil during this summer. "What is being propagated about repeated attacks against Algerians is not true, and such assertions are shameful. All the echoes that reach us are positive. The Algerians are welcome in Tunisia today and tomorrow," he underlined. 

"Do you really imagine that a Tunisian citizen can assault his Algerian brother? This is not logical."

However, in this line, a bus carrying supporters of the team of USM Algiers was attacked with stones in Tunis a few days ago by some ill-advised individuals, but the case was dealt with promptly by the security services. 

A number of perpetrators of this attack were arrested after a swift investigation. Furthermore, only a few days ago, an Algerian university professor hailing from El Oued province was arrested by Tunisian security agents after lodging a complaint stating that he was robbed by thieves in Tunis.

On the other hand, the Tunisian Ambassador noted that there has been a significant increase in the number of Algerians who have visited Tunisia since the beginning of the year with the setting up  of measures taken especially with regard to the facilitation of entry through the border crossings, following the adoption of the electronic form for vehicles.

According to official statistics obtained from the Tunisian Tourism Office in Algeria, the number of Algerians who visited Tunisia from the beginning of the year until the 20th of last month reached 940 thousand tourists, a hike of 65 percent over the same period last year. 

Tunisian authorities expect the number of Algerian tourists to reach by the end of the year 2.2 million tourists, after stabilizing the number last year at 1.8 million tourists.

In another context, identical sources told “Echorouk” that current Tunisian Ambassador to Algeria Abdelmadjid Al Fershishi will leave office shortly after the end of his three-year term, and the same will apply to the Tunisian Consul posted in Tebessa.

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