Saudi new tax raises anger among Algerian pilgrims

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icon-writer By: Nadia Slimani / English version: M. A.

The imposition of a tax on multi entry visa to the Holy Places in Saudi Arabia raised anger among some Algerian pilgrims while most of them subscribed electronically.

Saudi Arabia imposed additional taxes of about 60,000 DZ on every pilgrim who performed Haj in the last three years. This raised dissatisfaction among some Algerian pilgrims as the imposed sum is big and will be added to Haj costs. 

Haj cost in Algeria costs about 400,000 DZ. Pilgrims also have to pay tickets at 120,000 DZ.

The decision was welcomes by people who could not perform Haj due to what they call “betrayal” in draw and high costs.

Djilali Ben Yakoub is an old man who believes that people who perform Haj more than once deserve that decision.

“I wish taxes were raised to 1,000,000 DZ so that those people let us the chance to go to the Holy Places before we die,” he told Echorouk.

Roqaya, 73, said she could not perform Haj due to the draw. She believes that the new tax will not affect people who are used to go to the Holy Places every year.

“I hope that Saudi authorities limit Haj to be performed once in one’s life so that everyone will have the chance to go to the Holy Places,” she added.

Coordinators of imams and religious affairs ministry employees’ union Djelloul Hedjimi told Echorouk Saudi authorities did not give details about the new tax.

Speaking about reasons behind the new tax, he said Saudi Arabia’s economic situation may have been hit by oil price fall. Because of that, it thinks of new incomes. “It can also be due to regulatory procedures. Maybe, Saudi authorities want to reduce the number of pilgrims.”


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