Riyad Mahrez: "I Want To Leave Leicester City To Join AS Rome Or Any Other Club"

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icon-writer Hassen.K/English version: Dalila Henache

Algeria international, Riyad Mahrez, expressed his silence about his football career's future, renewing his desire to leave Leicester City and live another experience.

He spoke for the first time about the offer of AS Rome club, asserting that he has no objection to play for AS Rome or any other club. 

"Most import decision for me is to leave Leicester City during the current summer Mercato, which expires on August 31st".

"AS Rome is a large club and I know that it wants to join him, but the last word is from the management of Leicester City", said Mahrez in an exclusive statement to Sky Sports on Saturday. 

"For me, I'm not against the idea of ​​joining the club".

He renewed his desire to leave the "foxes" during the current summer transferts; "As I said earlier, I would like to leave Leicester City for a new experience with a new team, whether it is AS Rome or another team. The summer Mercato is not over yet. We'll see what happens next".

It is known that Italian club AS Rome made three offers to Leicester City for joining Mahrez, and each time it raised the financial offer, but all offers were refused by the managers of the foxes. The first offer was 23 million euros, the second was 30 million euros and the third was 35 million euros.

However, Leicester City insists that it will not sell Mahrez with less than 56 million euros, as it seems that the English team has become abusive, as long as Mahrez is forced to leave and the only serious offer which he received is from Rome's "wolves".

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