Abderrazzak Mokri: "France Failed To Penetrate Algeria Military Institution"

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icon-writer Asma.B/English version: Dalila Henache

France is working to solve its economic problems at the expense of Algeria and its old colonies, relying on the lobbies and minorities that have no national affiliation and only aim to serve their interests and support networks of corruption, Former head of the Movement for a Peaceful Society (MSP), Abderrazzak Mokri, said.

Mokri added, through his official "Facebook" page, on Saturday; "France was working to solve its problems at the expense of Algeria. It has repeatedly tried to penetrate the military institution, but it has failed".

"France worked hard to penetrate the military institution and has not succeeded".

"In my opinion, the party of the National Liberation Front with its values ​​and Islamic November principles was subjected to an attempt to destabilize and penetrate and control it despite the resistance, which is still issued by the sincere patriots.

In addition to "The moderate Islamic movement in terms of its values ​​and its national symbols of November, which largely spread awareness to get rid of fear and greed, and showed the capabilities of the organizational abilities to control every situation".

Former head of the Movement for Peaceful Society summarized the enemies of France in Algeria in three: the military institution, FLN and Islamism. 

"French colonization in Algeria made great cultural gains and moved its factories in the financial abundance that was known to Algeria. But the battle is still going on until the relationship with France is rudimentary with the national interests and not the dependence, direct and indirect loyalty to colonialism".

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