Police Services Open A New Recruitment Contest

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icon-writer Nouara Bachouche/English version: Dalila Henache

Generate Directorate of National Security decided to open new employment positions for male and female police officers who meet a set of conditions along the same lines as the academic level and age, in 2017.

Recruitment and training contests are also conducted on the basis of exams, at the level of the State Security Training Offices and the security of the police departments that are deployed throughout the national territory.

Human Resources and Employment Directorates, and the Selection Directorate at the level of the General Directorate of National Security, announced, after the approval of the Directorate of Public Service to open a competition for the recruitment and training of male and female police officers, within the framework of the implementation of the recruitment plan for the fiscal year, beginning on Sunday 2017.

According to a statement of the General Directorate of National Security, on Sunday, which copy is available to Echorouk, the process of filing of the files for the competition for recruitment and special training at the rank of police officers, on the basis of tests, will be at the level of training offices of the security directorates of the provinces and the security of the departments that are deployed across the entire national territory.

Security Directorate stipulated that, at the date of the competition, the age of the person wishing to participate should be at least 19 years and 23 at the most, at the date of the contest, and the original Algerian nationality and the enjoyment of all civil rights and that the case law should not carry any remarks that oppose the practice of work in national security sector, in addition to the inclusion of a document attesting to the legal status towards the duty of national service or exempted for non-medical reasons, as the candidate is able, after medical examination, to work day and night and that the visual capacity is equal to 10/15 for both eyes.

The application file contains a written application, a national identification card, and a copy of the required certificate, accompanied by the identification of the training course points and an information card that is filled by the candidate, which is available on the website. 

The files should be deposited from the date of publication of the advertisement in the police departments and the General Directorate of National Security summons the youth who wish to submit their files to participate in the recruitment competition, as they can visit the official website www.algeriepolice.dz, the Facebook page /algeriepolice.dz and the Twitter account @ algeriepolice.dz for national security, to obtain more information regarding the conditions of the competition, and download the registration form.

According to Echorouk sources, the goal that is sought by the Supreme National Security Directorate is raising the number of cops from year to year, due to the provision of more human resources to achieve security coverage of the national territory, through the employment programs, and covering the deficit of departments depending on the management which ensures a complete balance in the spread of personnel and competencies, and the rational guidance of human resources in line with the specifics and functions of units, modernize employment patterns and develop professionalism and humanization.

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