Algerian Economy Suffers Stagnation, Tax Evasion Is Destroying State Revenues

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icon-writer Asma.B/English version: Dalila Henache

International Organization for Human Rights "Algeria Office" called on the political parties and national organizations to take part in an initiative to save the country from what it described as a malicious plot that aimed at fragmenting its society, demanding at the same time to make the upcoming local elections an opportunity to deepen the democratic process and fight barons of political money.

The human rights organization said in a statement on Sunday that it is following with concern the economic situation that is characterized by stagnation due to the negative growth rate and the parallel economy, which is now exceeding the gross GDP, and the tax evasion which destroys the resources of the state, and that increased due to corruption.

According to the organization, "government is involved in the policy of borrowing and wasting the wealth of the country and its real estate stocks and sovereign institutions like the Central Bank, for the benefit of international financial institutions that hold more and more control of the economy of the country", ans the same thing for the social situation which is also " marked by high unemployment rate and the deterioration of the purchasing power".

International Organization for Human Rights believes that the parties, associations, civil society organizations, syndicates and actors must work together to consolidate efforts and coordinate the various available forms for a joint action and coordination in the field to find solutions to adjust the balance of power to save the country from a crisis in which it is floundering, through the establishment of a national strategy to combat terrorism in all its forms and the pursuit of a plan to dismantle corruption in its various forms.

The organization also called for the use of realistic measures to stop the deterioration of the economy and to accelerate growth especially in the marginalized areas in order to reduce the unemployment rate and improve social service and contribute to the development of a balanced foreign policy that preserves national sovereignty in preparation for the local elections, to ensure the deepening of the democratic process, to avoid the monopolization of the financial barons of political life, as the goal of this initiative, according to the statement, is to keep Algeria from falling prey to malicious plots that are designed to destroy its society.

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