Mostaghanem: Spanish ship rescues 11 illegal immigrants from dead in open sea

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icon-writer By: Larbi Ben Zidane / English version: M. A.

A Spanish ship which transports passengers from Mostaganem to Valencia and vice versa rescued 11 illegal immigrants who were swimming in open sea, Echorouk has learnt.

The adventurers had embarked two days ago on their boat from Mostaghanem heading for Spanish coasts. Yet, their trip was about to become a tragedy as the boat engine had been broken down and the boat had capsized due to a fire in the engine.

According to the same sources, the illegal immigrants were found in a difficult health state. Some of them suffer serious burns.

A few days ago, four boats embarked from Mostaghanem. They carried 20 minors who live in poor areas.

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