World Karate Federation Eliminates Algeria From All International Championships

date 2017/08/07 views 637 comments 0

icon-writer Bilal Wahab/English version: Dalila Henache

World Karate Federation issued a new punishment against the Algerian Karate Federation, by preventing it from participation in all international and regional championships, as this is the second penalty against the Algerian Karate Federation after the first decision that was issued by the African Union.

In a letter that is sent to the Youth and Sports Minister, which copy is received by Echorouk, the Spanish manager, Antonio Espinos,said that the Executive Committee of the International Federation decided to punish the Algerian Union because of the failure to respond to the first correspondence on last June 8 and after the expiration of legal deadlines without taking any decision.

Algerian side will have to communicate with the Head of the African Union, Mohamed Mesbahi, for more details on the new punishment against the Algeria Karate Federation.

Previously, the African Union of Karate punished the head of the Karate Executive Chamber, Boubakeur Makhfi, for criticizing the head Mesbahi, accusing him of obstructing the Algerian delegation that is participating in the final edition of the recent African Championship that is held in Cameroon, where Algerian wrestlers were not allowed to compete in individual competitions, because of being absent from the weight dates, and prevented new trainers from going down to the rug for the lack of international accreditation, and lost training sessions in Cameroon.

Punishment of the Karate Federation reflects the deplorable state of the Algerian sport in recent times, accusing the Youth and Sports Ministry of interfering in the affairs of the federations, in addition to its ongoing struggle with the Algerian Olympic Committee, which has not yet ended despite the calls for the Minister Ould Ali to open another page, noting that other Algeria sports federations are at risk of international sanctions, such as boxing.

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