Rached Ghannouchi: "I Will Visit Algeria Soon"

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icon-writer Abdelhamid Athmani/English version: Dalila Henache

Sheikh Rached Ghannouchi, the leader of the Tunisian Annahda Movement, revealed that he will visit Algeria soon, denying some media rumors that he was prevented from meeting with the President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, and that he was recently informed of a decision by the official authorities in the country.

"It is impossible to meet with President Bouteflika again, because of considerations that concern the Tunisian side. Specifically, because pf the President Beji Caid el-Sebsi who was embarrassed from the frequent meetings between the two friends".

Sheikh Ghannouchi said in an interview with Echorouk that the promotion of his meetings with President Abdelaziz Bouteflika was a "fabrication and cheap rumors". 

"These falsehoods that no one can believe, especially those who know the deep relationship between me and my brother Bouteflika, and with all the Algerian officials. What I also know for sure that President Beji's relationship with President Bouteflika is strong and historic, and is above these petty trivialities".

As for the purpose of such rumors by some parties, Sheikh Ghannouchi replied: "They aim in vain to divide us, and want to disrupt the special relationships between the two countries".

"I'm continuing the good relationships with Algeria to serve the common interests", announcing a close visit to the neighbor pending the end of the official's annual holidays, to decide whether he will meet President Bouteflika again or not. 

"It will be similar to previous visits, as I will meet with the President and Algerian officials and nothing will change."

Sheikh Ghannouchi's interview with Echorouk came following the report by the website "Anbaa Tunis" that was attributed to an unnamed senior Algerian diplomatic source, which claimed that Algeria officially apologized for receiving the leader of Annaha movement, and that in case he will visit Algeria he will no longer have a meeting with the Algerian president, who used to meet him whenever he visited Algeria, as he reported yesterday on the website.

Tunisian sources said that the Algerian authorities' decision of not declaring the Algerian president's resignation to the Tunisian Movement's leader Rached Ghannouchi, but only to the extreme necessity, gave rise to the resentment that is shown by the President Beji of an Algerian mandate for Ghannouchi to play a role in mediating the Libyan case, and other leaks said that the President Sebsi believes that Algeria views Ghannouchi as the actual president of Tunisia and not Sebsi.

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