Fraudsters Sell "Schengen Visa" Appointments

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icon-writer F.S/English version: Dalila Henache

TLS Contact services warned all visa applicants of fraudster to obtain close appointments for money, calling for the reporting of these practices to take legal action.

TLSContact Center, which oversees the coordination between visa applicants and the French consulate with regard to the scheduling and filing of files, confirmed that the appointments are free and can only be obtained through its website, while financial entitlements are limited only to those requested by the consulate, and specified by the "TLSContact" website.

A recent statement that was made by the same center, which copy is available to Echorouk, revealed that there were fraudsters at the level of travel agencies or Internet cafes who committed fraud against a significant number of victims through Facebook, where they promoted their illegal activity to get urgent or close appointments for different amounts of money.

TLScontact statement explained that there is no connection between them or employees of the Center by setting appointments, but they did that automatically through the website and for free, adding fraudsters will be subjected to judicial follow-up. 

TLSContact called for the need to report fraudulent acts by contacting the French Consulate or sending an e-mail At: contact.oran-fslt @

The Center disallows any excess or rumor that gives appointments for money or interferes with the granting of a visa, since "the staff have only the guidance role and have no effect on the dates or decisions of granting visas" .

"French Consulate has identified cases of a visa applicant who will benefit from the approximation of the date against the presentation of the justification documents".

This comes in the context of improving the services and the image of the center "TLSContact", after the spread of rumors about the sale of appointments and the possibility of the French consulate to end its contract with this center in 2018, as Echorouk sources call for renewing confidence in this center in exchange for improving services, including an appointment within a period that does not exceed 15 days by following new procedures.

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