Inter Milan Competes To Sign Riyad Mahrez

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icon-writer Ali Bahlouli/English version: Dalila Henache

Italian Inter Milan's administration entered into contacts with Leicester City to sign the Algerian international Riyad Mahrez.

Inter administration sends the manager Walter Sabatini to negotiate Mahrez transfer deal with Leicester City's managers.

Inter Milan administration wants to sell its Italian international striker Antonio Candreva to Chelsea, the English champion, and fill the gap of the Algerian international Riyad Mahrez, as reported by The Corriere dello Sport newspaper on Tuesday.

In a related context, the Spanish official Monchi, the sporting director of the club AS Roma said that his administration is trying to make Riyad Mahrez deal as the most expensive in the history of the "wolves" club, adding that the ball is in front of the management of Leicester City, to accept the proposal.

In a statement that was quoted by Italian press on Tuesday, Monchi said that Mahrez wanted to wear AS Roma uniform, but added that the management of AS Roma club respected its counterpart in Leicester City and did not want to pressurize it to demobilize Mahrez. 

The financial proposal for AS Roma administration has not exceeded 35 million euros, while the foxes are demanding 56 million euros for the dismissal of Riyad Mahrez during the summer transfers.

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