General Gaid Salah: “Algeria’s Armed Forces Are Among The Most Powerful In The World”

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Army Corps General Ahmed Gaïd Salah has extolled the merits of the ANP Army. The Deputy Minister of National Defense and ANP Chief of Staff ranks it "among the great and powerful armies around the world".

"One of the manifold elements of power, in every sense of the term, on which the valiant People's National Army is based, is, as pointed out above, the factor of the work of preparation and instruction which focuses  in turn, on the sustained training effort," said the Chief of Staff of the ANP, in a speech made during his inspection visit to the 2nd Military Region in Oran (western Algeria) on Tuesday.

For Army Corps General Ahmed Gaïd Salah, "these two key factors have enabled our Armed Forces to reach the ranking in which we find ourselves today at high-levels that give us deserved pride”.

This, he further underlined, “gave our valorous ANP Army, on a factual and field basis, the opportunity to arrive at an optimal level of competence, talent, skillfulness and qualification, and have, without rhetoric, really placed it among the great and potent armies worldwide".

"The senior leadership has been keen to continue with great care the pragmatic and ambitious approach that has been adopted in the last few years, both in terms of preparatory and training work and in other areas”, he underscored.


General Ahmed Gaid Salah further expressed his appreciation and gratitude to all the members of the National People's Army, who are, he said, always steadfast and resolute in all aspects regarding the all-out defense of the nation and the safeguarding of its territorial integrity and unity.

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