Algiers Security Services Arrest A Malian Immigrant, Algerian Merchant Over Falsifying Hard Currency

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icon-writer Mariem.Z/English version: Dalila Henache

Security services arrested a Malian national called "Ghoudjil", and handed him over to the judicial authorities for trial, on charges of forgery and possession of material that is designed for counterfeiting the hard currency "Euro", after information that were reported about the suspicious activity of the accused.

Same services retrieved a considerable amount of banknotes of the category 100 euros that were inside the house of the accused, who was immediately transferred to the security investigation, as he revealed the name of his partner, an Algerian merchant who owns a shop east of the capital where he was preparing the money for the purchase by the Malian immigrant for the amount of 6000 DZD per banknote.

The suspects were brought on Wednesday before the Court of Dar Beida in Algiers, where the Malian man recognized, during the interrogation by the judge, the source of the cloned funds that he received from the first accused, and confirmed that he did not know that it is false money, but thought they were pages of publicity and promotion that he bought at  6000 DZD at the request of a friend who is called "Marco", who is also from an African country and operates in the audiovisual sector.

On the basis of the information that was given by the accused, the judicial investigation authorities raided again a commercial shop that is owned by the main accused, where they found forged 100-euro papers, printing machines, paper shredders and several other equipment that were used by the accused for the imitation process. 

The accused was also brought to the trial, where he denied all the facts and statements that were made by his partner. 

The representative of the general right sought a sentence of two years in prison and 100,000 DZD fine against the accused, and the same punishment was signed by the judge after deliberating the file.

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