Customs Services Seize Spying Devices That Were Smuggled Inside A Container

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icon-writer Nouara Bachouche/English version: Dalila Henache

Customs authorities of Algiers Port, foiled at the beginning of this week, the attempt to introduce significant quantities of sensitive devices, including a reflective mirror for cars, that is equipped with high-tech surveillance cameras to Algeria, that were imported by a well-known importer in Algiers, although it is prohibited from importing without a license, while the agent of the Republic of the Court of Sidi Amhamed ordered them to open an investigation.

Details of the case, according to Echorouk sources, return to the beginning of this week following the inspection that was carried out by the agents of the customs departments of Algiers port on the containers that arrived that day, and when passing through the Scenery and automated system of control, and after reading the picture by the agents, suspicious objects were found inside a container that was packed with car supplies.

Echorouk sources added that the 40 feet container was opened and inspected by customs agents, where 300 units of reflective mirror for cars that is equipped with recording capacity audiovisual cameras were discovered, and during the inspection by opening a mirror they were found to be imported from China, And the latter is used for spying, as it also recorded all the video and audio clips and has the night recording feature for containing the red light.

During the initial investigation by the customs authorities, it was found that the goods had first entered Algeria and that the importer, who owned a limited liability company in Algiers, had made a false declaration to the customs authorities on the grounds that the container was only car supplies, but it was carrying sensitive goods and requires authorization from the control authority "RTB" to import such types of devices.

Immediately after the inspection, the seized goods were confiscated, while the case's file was handed over to the republic prosecutor for the jurisdiction court, which in turn ordered the competent authorities to investigate the case.

In the context, the judicial department in charge of the investigation summoned the owner of the company to investigate him, and know how did these devices arrive to Algiers port, especially as it enters Algeria for the first time.

Echorouk sources also revealed that such a reflective mirror is used by the smuggling mafia, which monitors the security services, especially the drug barons, and blackmailing a number of businessmen and officials who are photographed in suspicious situations.

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