French Media Outlets Accuse Algeria Of Harassing Women

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icon-writer Nadia Slimani /*/ English Version: Med.B.

French media outlets have taken advantage of campaigns recently launched by some shadowy parties on networking sites to undertake coverage on Algerian women in beaches, claiming that the Algerian women are responding to such campaigns by organizing women's gatherings on beaches to demand women's freedom to swim in bikinis.

They responded to what they called "radical Islam," after launching the "Swimming in the Name of the Republic" campaign.

As the summer season began, there were campaigns on Facebook, with some people photographing women and girls on the shores of the sea, especially those who wore bikinis or other clothes deemed indecent and published their pictures which were widely distributed across the seaboard, even though some photographed women were accompanied by their families and husbands. 

The campaign’s motto was meant as a call to these women to wear decent clothing on the beaches.

The campaign was taken over by many Algerians, women and men, and even religious clerics, considering that the advice was publicly turned into a scandal and a crime against the other.

Soon after, some of the country's beaches were turned into as field campaigning led by some “Salafis” who preferred to go out into the field for sensitization purposes. 

They thus carried placards reading slogans urging women to be decently-dressed on the beaches. They walked on the beaches voicing their slogans near families and vacationers to this end.

It seems that the French media tried to fish in the murky waters from these phenomena, many French websites this week, reported about the 3,000 women who had gathered in bikinis on the beach of "Tichi" in Bejaia, carrying the slogan "swimming in the name of the Republic," in defiance, according to the French media of “Muslim extremists”.

However, the phenomenon of wearing bikinis by Algerian women and girls has been steadily declining in recent years. Most housewives prefer to swim in hijab, others wear the Islamic swimsuit, and very few wear bikinis, except in some private swimming pools or private beaches. 

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