Justice: Human Smuggling Ring File Referred To Next Criminal Court’s Session

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During its next session, the Criminal Court of Algiers will try 11 defendants who have formed a dangerous international network meant to smuggle migrants into European countries after they smuggled some 31 people from the province of Chlef (western Algeria) to Europe via Turkey illegally using false identities and passports in return of hefty sums of money.

The arrested defendants will appear before the Court during its upcoming session, which starts in mid-September to face heavy charges related to the setting up of a group of criminals involved in the crime of smuggling migrants overseas.

 It should be noted that the file was returned to the Algiers criminal Court after an appeal was accepted by the Supreme Court.

According to the information available to “Echorouk”, the security authorities rounded up three people on board a tourist car in Ben Aknoun district recently after noticing suspicious movements in the area.

They discovered during the search of the vehicle a bag containing 31 valid passports belonging to Algerian citizens residing in the western province of Chlef as well as several mobile phones. 

As part of the search and investigation process initiated by the judicial control services, the latter concluded that the accused were transporting migrants using false identity cards and passports.

 It turned out that the suspects were just an organized ring meant to smuggle people into Europe in collusion with people outside the national territory, in exchange for considerable sums of money.

On the other hand, the three defendants denied their relationship with the case and confirmed during the judicial questioning that they were not aware of the contents of the bag sent by the brother of one of them from Turkey and handed over by a person named Youcef at Houari Boumediene international airport of Algiers. 

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