"Informal Meeting" Between Abdelmadjid Tebboune, Édouard Philippe Makes Controversy

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icon-writer Mohamed Moslem/English version: Dalila Henache

The "informal" meeting between Prime Minister Abdelmadjid Tebboune and his French counterpart, Édouard Philippe, last week, is still making political and media controversy, but the new details of this issue is that there are leaks from the French media, which was absent in The Matignon event.

About a week after the incident, which was characterized by the silence of the French media, which used to go into everything that is related to the Algerian matters, came out of the "Monde Afrique" website that is owned by Nicola Beau, the former journalist and investigator of Le Monde newspaper, to talk about the scenes of this " Informal meeting".

"Algerian presidency was aware of the meeting between A.Tebboune and Edouard Philippe, but was waiting for an official invitation to program an official meeting between the two Prime Ministers, which did not happen, because the Algerian prime minister did not wait for the green light from the Mouradia palace to meet with his French counterpart", the source reported.

A statement that was issued by the services of the Prime Minister, A.Tebboune, which was reported by APS, said Monday that the meeting between Tebboune and his French counterpart came at the request of Edward Philippe, while the Algerian prime minister was on French territory, while another "leak" said that the meeting was held at the request of Tebboune.

Tebboune's quick meeting with the first man in the Matignon, according to "Monde Afrique", came following his knowledge that the report which was prepared by a committee of the upper chamber of the French Parliament that is headed by Senator Simon Sutor, who recently visited Algeria, accusing him of prejudice against the French interests in Algeria, as Tebboun considered the meeting an opportunity to confirm for the French party his government's road map that neither aims at harming the Algerian-French relationships nor making prejudice to the French interests in its old colony.

It is known that the "informal meeting" between Tebboune and his French counterpart caused a great political and media controversy, which soon resulted in political repercussions, which were manifested through criticisms against the Prime Minister, that were embodied by what was considered to be mismanagement mistakes that are committed by Sallal's successor, like the conflict with the President of the Forum of Heads of Enterprises, Ali Haddad, the obstruction of agricultural investment (the abolition of concessions and investment contracts that were signed by the former Prime Minister, Abdelmalek Sellal), the conversion of financial allocations that were directed to support investment to housing accommodation, and interference in the work of governors by oral guidance.

Previously, Prime Minister, A.Tebboune, was appointed to manage the portfolio of the Ministry of Commerce on the heels of the illness and death of the former minister, Bakhti Belaieb, and he made decisions that left political repercussions between Algeria and Paris, and the most important of these was the decision to stop importing apples from France, but French PM asked the head of the regional council of Alpes-Cote d' Azur province, Christian Estrosi, to pressurize Algeria to avoid applying this decision which harms the French producers, but the response came quickly from Tebboune, who responded to Estrosi: "It seems that the watch of this French official stopped in 1962".

It is noteworthy that Algerian foreign policy, especially the relationship with France, remains among the exclusive powers of the President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, which has always been confirmed by the presidency on more than one occasion.

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