“Hamou has nothing to do with extremists and jihadists”

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icon-writer By: Larbi Ben Zidane / English version: M. A.

Residents in Ain Tadeles in the province of Mostaghanem still talk about Hamou Ben Latrech who wounded French soldiers with his car on Wednesday.

The suspect, 37, comes from Mostaghanem. He left home, almost 10 years ago. His family is rich and specialized in business.

Echorouk has learnt that Ben Latrech’s father who is a policeman is very affected by news reports by French media which described the incident as a “terror attack.”

His relatives say he has nothing to do with Salafist extremist ideas and does not work for any Jihadist groups. He visited his family regularly and he paid his last visit, two years ago.

The suspect’s teacher in high school said Hamou had an acceptable education level before he had decided to immigrate to France in 2006.

According to French press, Hamou was arrested a few hours after the attack had been carried out.

Le Parisien newspaper said the police tried to arrest the suspect’s BMW car but he refused to stop and run away. Because of that, the police had to call for back up and chase him.

Fearing of using a gun by the suspect, police officers shot him while a police man was wounded mistakenly.


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