Makhzen Intelligence Is Involved With Terrorist Organizations In The Sahel

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icon-writer S.A/English version: Dalila Henache

Independence of the Republic of Western Sahara through the self-determination of its people is the beginning of a comprehensive and lasting stability for all the Maghreb countries, and it is also a strong and effective brick and a very positive factor in the Maghreb and African construction process", said Makhlouf Sahel, a professor at the University of Algiers said.

In a speech entitled "The African Union and the United Nations Commitment to the Resolution of the Western Sahara Conflict", within the activities of the Summer University of the Polisario in Boumerdes (Eastern Algiers), Dr. Makhlouf called for the need to protect and develop the UN legal system and the transition to the mandatory implementation and embodiment of laws that are issued by the UN organizations, especially with regard to the determination of the fate of peoples, human rights and respect for the implementation of international conventions in the field, and sanctifying the principles of non-interference in the affairs of weak states, the protection of wealth, capabilities of exploitation and looting and fraud.

On the other hand, with regard to the relationship of the Moroccan security services with terrorist groups, organized crime and the promotion of drugs in the Sahel and Sahara in particular, the Sahraoui researcher Sidi Mohamed Omar said in an intervention on "extremism and terrorism in North Africa and the Sahel", that these terrorist organizations and organized crime are infiltrated By the Moroccan system and security services, as the Moroccan regime established direct relationships with the latter, in order to employ them in its favor in terms of the negative impact on the struggle of the Saharaoui people".

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