Punctuation System To Be Applied On Drivers At The End Of Current Year

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icon-writer R.Mellah/English version: Dalila Henache

Completion of the electronic program "Logiciel" of the driving license with points, which is noticing the last stages before the implementation of the application, will be at the end of the current year or the beginning of next year at the maximum, Head of the National Center for Roads' Security and Prevention, Ahmed Nait El Hocine, said in a statement to Echorouk.

"Punctuation system will be applied at the first phase on the bio metric and classical driving license holders, but the difference will be in the level of access to data mechanisms, data bank and the score of the points and losses that are incurred by the driver.

"The joint committee, which is consisting of representatives of the ministerial sectors and the bodies that are concerned with traffic safety, which is responsible for preparing the bio-metric license system, that is prepared by a special national company in the field of modern technologies, will only finalize the last procedures of punctuation system, that will be placed at the level of the Traffic Safety Commission, and will be implemented by the end of the current year".

"As for the mechanisms of applying the punctuation system, in light of the non-renewal of all bio-metric driving licenses by the end of the current year, considering that the work of the latter will be limited, in the first stage, to the new candidates for driving license starting from next November".

"Punctuation system will be applied on the drivers who have both the bio-metric or classic driving licenses, as the data bank will be replaced by linking the classic driving license number with the "terminal" devices in the security services for the surveillance operations until the information base is accessible to the holders of classic licenses, pending the circulation of the bio-metric version of all driving license holders, but the process will take a long time".

"Advantages of the system of punctuation compared to the old system of irregularities, is evident in terms of the new system that will differentiate between the driver who committed violations and does not respect the law and conditions of security and traffic safety, and the disciplined driver". 

"Meaning of the system of sanctions that is applied in the system of punctuation, and its goal is to reduce traffic accidents and deter reckless drivers with harsh measures and penalties, up to the limit of the final withdrawal of the driver's license".

Same official acknowledged the lack of traffic signals and guidance at the level of the highway, especially with the seriousness of some routes, asserting that the problem was put to the concerned parties, for the need to equip it with modern technologies to compensate for the absence of lighting in order to ensure sound driving and reduce traffic accidents.

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