Algerians Sold, Bought 51.000 Cars Since The Beginning Of 2017

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icon-writer Imane Kimouche/English version: Dalila Henache

Car sales in Algeria declined in the first six months of this year, due to what it called the economic reforms by 40.8%, the U.S. agency Focus to Move A2M, for cars market researches said.

"Figures dropped from 87,537 units to 51,827 units during the same period, i.e about 36.000 units".

The same agency put the Algerian market for cars under its microscope, revealing a terrible and sharp decline in car sales in Algeria, which said it was ranked 14th in the Arab world, amid the delay in the release of car import licenses, that are still stuck at the level of the Commerce Ministry, and the government's decision in the file, as cars absorb large sums of money from banks to finance their import, at a time when the public treasury is still suffering from the decline in oil prices, and the balance of trade is still floundering due to the rising imports and low exports.

According to the report, which was published across several Arab sites, on Sunday, the sales of cars in the Middle East and North Africa, or what is known as the area of ​​Almina, fell by more than 9.2% during the first six months of this year, down to 1.7 million units, noting that some North African countries' sales fell sharply, specifically by 40%, similar to Algeria, because of what it called the economic reforms, while the sales increased in other countries such as Morocco and Tunisia.

Tunisia recorded a growth rate of 9.4% during the first six months of the current year, reaching the third place with sales of 33,486 units, compared to 30,599 units, followed by Iraq by 7.7%, with sales rising from 17,417 units to 18,761 during the last six months, and the sales of Morocco increased by 1.1% from 83,752 units to 84,456 during the same period.

The rest of the region experienced sharp declines in sales during the first half of this year, and the lowest of which was the Sultanate of Oman by 15.3% with 67,000 units, occupying the seventh place, followed by Saudi Arabia with 16%, from 362.000 to 440 units, compared to 304.143 units during the last six months.

Despite Qatar's crisis, but it ranked 11th with sales of more than 30,000 units, down with 21,000 of sales in the first half of 2016, with more than 38,000 cars, followed by the UAE, down with 24.9% from 166,000 units to 124,656 during the same period.

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