Abdelkader Messahel: "Morocco's Maneuvers Will Fail"

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icon-writer Imane Aouimer/English version: Dalila Henache

Morocco's maneuvers to spoil the African summits would fail despite the repeated attempts, Foreign Minister, Abdelkader Messahel, said, in a statement to reporters on the sidelines of the opening of the parliamentary session.

"Rabat is waiting for all the opportunities and meetings that take place between the members of the African Union and its partners in the African continent or Asia to break it, but it fails until now", he added.

Messahel said in response to Morocco's recent maneuvers and the provocative statements of its officials; "We noticed how Morocco's attempts at the African summit in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, failed to remove an important member, which is the Western Sahara, while Mozambique, which hosted the International Conference on Development of Africa (TICAD) in Maputo, provided a lesson for Moroccans".

"No matter what other attempts will fail, because Africa has demonstrated that it is united and its leaders are committed to implementing what was agreed upon in the meetings. It also speaks with one voice whether it is about its partnership with others or on issues of concern to the African continent". 

Mesahel explained that all activities and meetings of the African Union countries or with their European or Asian partners will be in accordance with the decisions and principles of the Union and all its 55 members, including the Sahrawi Arab Republic and Morocco.

The summit, which was held in Mozambique, angered the Moroccan delegation and the security forces of the host country because the Moroccan officials, who were present, including the Foreign Minister, Nacer Bourita, refused to take part in a delegation that is representing the "Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic" (not recognized by the United Nations) that is declared by the Polisario Front.

Masahel reiterated Algeria's determination to continue its leadership of diplomatic files and its efforts that are based on dialogue and peaceful solutions, first and foremost the Libyan file, while he asserted that Algeria will not throw the towel despite the obstacles and will continue its efforts to resolve the Libyan crisis and the stumbling dialogue sessions that did not succeed in calming the situation in the Libyan neighbor, recalling the visit of the new envoy of the new General-Secretary of the United Nations to Algeria recently, Ghassan Salami, as the efforts were discussed by Algeria and the neighboring countries to implement the December 17 agreement to reunite the Libyans".

The Foreign Minister announced the reopening of Algeria's embassy in the Libyan capital Tripoli soon, and ending the vacancy, revealing the upcoming meetings of officials of the two countries to work on this matter.

In the same context, the Foreign Ministry called on ambassadors who are deployed in the capitals of the countries, to play their role in the implementation of their country's foreign policy, whether in bilateral relationships or on the international level. 

"President Bouteflika instructed the new redeployment of Algerian diplomacy, and play an effective role internationally".

On the American report that criticizes the reality of religious freedoms in Algeria, the Foreign Minister explained: "Our Constitution guarantees all freedoms, and any activity that is opposing the provisions of the law and the Constitution, Algeria will address it as is the case in various countries. Religious freedoms are guaranteed by the Constitution but any religious activity must be exercised within the framework of the laws of the state and the constitution. Algeria is not unique to the preservation of the unity of the country and the application and respect of all the laws of the Algerian state".

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