Association Of Algerian Muslim Scholars: "Deleting The Basmala Is Attacking Kids' Minds"

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icon-writer Abderrazak.B/English version: Dalila Henache

Association of Algerian Muslim Scholars described, on Tuesday, the decision of the Education Ministry decision to remove the Basmala from the textbooks as an "aggression on the minds of Algeria kids".

"We have been struck by the issue of deleting the Basmala from our school textbooks, especially the primary school books, in the name of the so-called reform", the association said in a statement.

"We condemn such action, and we commit it to aggression on the minds of our children, and the identity of our people".

"Has the Ministry of Religious Affairs, the Supreme Islamic Council and the Scholars Society been consulted to delete the Basmala?"

According to the Constitution, the statement of the first of November and the speeches of the President of the Republic and all the school books since fourteen centuries begin with the Basmala.

The Minister of Education, Nouria Ben Ghabrit, replied on Monday to a question about the reason for the decision, saying that the Basmala is found in the books of Islamic Education and is deleted from other books, and this matter is the authors' responsibility.

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