Algerian Ministers, Officials Are Victims Of Spying In Paris

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icon-writer Imane Aouimer/English version: Dalila Henache

Moroccan intelligence agents spied on Algerian officials during their visit to the French capital of Paris, through the director of a security company at the Paris-Orly airport of Moroccan nationality,who is called "Idris.A", a case that is currently on the table of French justice to investigate the circumstances and implications.

French newspaper Liberation reported a high-profile scandal, on Tuesday, following the publication of an investigation into the arrest of the director of a security company at Orly airport, who is a Moroccan named Chared.A, on charges of leaking sensitive documents to Idriss A., who transfers them to their third friend, Mohamed. B, a Moroccan intelligence officer, in exchange for luxury travel for him and his family in Morocco from the expenses of the princess, who is not named by the newspaper.

The newspaper described the accused people as the "amazing team" that enabled Morocco to spy on France and illegally obtaine classified information.

Algerian Ministers Feel Harassed

But what is interesting to note is that the French newspaper published the names of former and current Algerian ministers and leaked information about their visits to the French capital of Paris.

The case concerned the former Minister of Communications, Hamid Guerine, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Taher Hadjar and the former Interior Minister, Noureddine Yazid Zerhouni, who was deputy prime minister during the incidents. 

This Information was reported by the media but the names have not yet been verified.

An investigation by French justice found that there was a relationship between the policeman and the Moroccan intelligence, as the French security services found documents in the house of the Moroccan spy "Dris.A", regarding the movements of the Algerian ministers in Paris and returning to the month of last January, when the Minister of Higher Education, Taher Hadjar, participated at the invitation of his French counterpart, Hamid Guerine, in an event at the Arab World Institute. 

As for the third Algerian official, the newspaper Libreration described it as a high-level one, and it comes to Noureddine Yazid Zerhouni.

This issue raises several questions about the extent to which the host country preserves the secrets of Algerian officials during their visits and the conditions of their insurance. 

In this regard, a former minister told Echorouk that providing confidential information and details about the ministers in Paris is abnormal, because they are protected by the hosting country.

He explained that the Algerian embassy in Paris and in case of the visit of an Algerian official to France, provides information on his arrival in order to facilitate the conditions of his reception at the airport and to the place where he will reside, which is applicable in most countries of the world. 

"But to be tracked all moves and submit them to the intelligence of another country here lies the problem" .

The minister, who maintains his name, believes that visits by officials to another country are not under strict guardianship or rather without security escort, which means that leaking such information about ministers and their whereabouts during the visit would endanger their lives. 

"We have to wait for the results of the investigation or clarifications by the French side or the Algerian Foreign Ministry to know the chapters of the case and its repercussions on the relationships between the countries".

On the other hand, the security and strategic expert Dr. Abdelhamid Al-Arabi Cherif, said in his comment on the incident, that intelligence cooperation between countries is normal in the framework of formal or unwritten agreements, but the volume of intelligence cooperation between the security services of Morocco and France is great since years".

The security expert adds: "We all know that anyone, regardless of whether he is an official or a journalist who is known for his writings or others, his/her movements are under scrutiny".

"Intelligence is secret wars, and therefore officials take part of the responsibility, especially if they do not respect the protocols when they travel to abroad".

"We see some ministers do not care and mock, and we find them anywhere and talk to anyone they meet, so they take their comfort and take off the tie. We have to know that the Algerian official abroad represents the state, and therefore he/she is under the microscope and some parties gather as much information as possible about his visit and his movements, which are employed in a timely manner".

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