ANP Forces: The Era Of Military Coups In Algeria Is Over

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icon-writer Abderrazzak.B / English version: Dalila Henache

On Wednesday, the military institution responded sharply to calls for military forces' intervention in the political arena, asserting that the era of military coups is over and that the armed forces would remain steadfast in its constitutional duties.

The editorial of the Army Magazine for September said; "Anyone who asks secretly or in public for military coups is reminded of what the Vice-Minister of National Defense, the Chief of Staff of the National People's Army, said during his recent visits to both the 2nd and 5th military regions. 

"Our Armed forces will always defend the national sovereignty and the inviolability of the national territory, and to preserve independence, and it will remain an army that will never deviate from carrying out its constitutional functions under any circumstances and situations."

Over the past weeks, there have been several calls for the military institution to intervene in the political arena on the pretext of a vacancy in the presidency.

According to the magazine, "the achievements of our army on the ground pushed some paid pens to establish themselves as an advocate of freedom of the people, which was described in the past with all the names and descriptions."

"The Algerian citizen is not so dull or handicapped and does not need a guardian to translate positions and responsibilities, and when it isolates, it sells itself to the devil and rents its pen to every sinner."

In a sharp tone, the magazine described some of the callers for the intervention of the army as "paid pens" without naming them. 

"They understood all subjects and disciplines from shari'a to history, through astronomy, politics, economics and other knowledge and sciences, and when they failed and discovered their lack of thought and limited impact, they attack the National People's Army (NPA) has through accusing and fabricating accusations and falsifying facts and listing the definitions of the boring academy and using metaphors, carpets and taboos, in a hope that the red carpet will be placed before them and the people will clap and applaud and that they will be classified by history as heroes and righteous".

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