Algeria launches national campaign to rescue Muslims in Burma

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icon-writer By: Belkacem Houam / English version: M. A.

President of Imams and Religious Affairs Employees’ National Union Djelloul Hedjimi said a national campaign will be launched to rescue oppressed Muslims in Burma.

Hedjimi told Echorouk imams and charity associations contacted international relief organizations, national personalities, intellectuals, artists and politicians to organize a national convoy. Aid will be collected in mosques and sent to refugees’ camps where millions of Muslims live after they fled Burma.

He added that he received hundreds of people who were affected by what they saw on social media about the killing of Muslim children and women in Burma. Because of that, he started thinking about a practical way to save oppressed Muslims rather than praying and crying for them.

Hedjimi called on Algerian official authorities to authorize the campaign and make diplomatic efforts to help Muslims in Burma.

He believes that their case is not different from the Palestinian cause.

The chairman of Imams’ National Independent Council Djamal Ghoul said imams raise awareness among people in mosques about the killing of Muslims in Burma.

“Imams’ National Council will hold a meeting the end of the month to discuss a national plan to rescue Muslims in Burma,” he added.

Irshad and Islah Association (orientation and reform) started mobilizing people and collecting aid. Earlier in March, it launched a successful convoy to refugees’ camps in Bangladesh.

Relief commission president at the Association Mohamed Bouchiba said the second campaign will be launched the end of the month. Coordination is conducted between local and international authorities to collect money for refugees.

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