Algeria sports minister: lazy players should be kicked out

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icon-writer By: M. A. / English version: M. A.

Algeria’s sports minister Hadi Ould Ali finnaly made his first statement about the « humiliating » exclusion of the national team from the World Cup Russia 2018.

The minister stressed the necessity of kicking out “lazy” players.

He said “lazy” players should be excluded from the team and coach Lucas Alcaraz should keep his position.

German media quoted Ould Ali, saying players who do not appreciate the national team should go. He also said he would ask player about their weak performance.

“I will meet the president of the Algerian Football Federation Khireddine Zatchi to discuss the team’s performance. Solutions should be found to reset balance to the team in the future,” he said.

“There are some good players in the Algerian team such as Ben Sabaini, Attal and Salhi. Such players should be found to reinforce the team,” he added.

He defended Alcaraz, saying the Spanish coach can not be held responsible alone for the last results. 

He said Alcaraz should continue his work with the team.

The minister also said he is sorry for Algeria’s failure in reaching the World Cup finals for the third time consecutively. 

“The absence of stability is one of the main reasons behind this failure,” he added.

He also said Zatchi did not resign and he has a good relation with him.

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