Illiteracy Drops To 10% In Algeria

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icon-writer Ilham.B / English version: Dalila Henache

Illiteracy rate in Algeria has dropped to 10% according to the assessment of the Education Ministry, Aicha Barki, head of Iqraa (read) Association said.

"Today's challenge is to combat digital illiteracy".

During her participation at the Ooredoo Foundation to celebrate the World Literacy Day on September,8, at the initiative of UNESCO, under this year's slogan "Literacy in a Digital World", said that this International Literacy Day was an opportunity to assess the learning efforts and the challenges that are awaiting the association in combating the scourge of illiteracy and, in this context, she thanked Ooredoo as it is the permanent partner for the realization of the Society's projects in the framework of combating literacy.

Representative of the National Bureau for Literacy addressed the current situation of illiteracy by presenting the development of adult education in Algeria, especially thanks to the efforts of the Iqraa Association. 

The partners of Iqraa Society, along the lines of the Ministry of Justice and the National Human Rights Committee, contributed to the success of this international day through the participation that highlights the right of every citizen to education.

It is known that Ooredoo, in partnership with the Iqraa Association, made several initiatives in this field, including the financial contribution of Ooredoo to the construction and provision of pedagogical equipment for the women and girls education centers in Al Khroub, Constantine, Timassin in Ouergla, Ouled Yahia Khadrouche in Jijel and Tizi Ouzou, in addition to funding the study of Algeria's experience in combating illiteracy in 50 years of independence, and the establishment of the Ooredoe Literacy Prize, which rewards the personalities and institutions that contributed to the promotion of knowledge and the fight against illiteracy.

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