Ahmed Ouyahia: "Bouteflika Responds To Politicians Who Call For Activating The Constitutional Article 102"

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icon-writer Imane Aouimer / English version: Dalila Henache

General-Secretary of the National Democratic Rally (RND), Ahmed Ouyahia, criticized politicians who call for the activation of Article 102 of the Constitution, describing them as "Jobless" politicians, citing the meeting of the President Bouteflika and his presidency at the Council of Ministers, as a response to those who are counting on the financial collapse of Algeria before the end of the year, but, he asserted, that this will not happen, thanks to the government's review of the loan and cash law.

In this regard, Ahmed Ouyahia, said on Saturday, during his supervision of the ceremony of celebrating eid el Adha with the party's frames, in Algiers: "You see the apparent before the curtain and do not see what is left behind it, first from the political point of view, those who call for the activation of Article 102 are jobless."

"Secondly, they are involved in a cell that is aware of the financial problems of the country, and they believe that Algeria will collapse financially by the end of the year." Accusing them of trying to fish in the troubled waters and ride the wave of the financial crisis of the country, Ouyahia added: "Alhamdoulillah, the issue of money becomes a problem behind us, after the amendment of the loan and cash law."

"The best message came from Bouteflika, who appeared during the Council of Ministers, and reassured the Algerians that their president is fine and exercises his authority", based on the popular proverb: "All that is said is just wind in the bow."

On the issue of the dismissal of the former minister of industry and member of the National Office of RND party, Abdessalam Bouchouareb, from the National Office of the party, Ouyahia said: "Bouchouareb did not resign and was not fired from RND party, but demanded to be relieved of his duties in the National Office through a letter, but he will remain a fighter in RND".

On the preparations for the local elections, the General-Secretary of RND party, expresses the readiness of his party to run in the local elections that are scheduled for next November 23, explaining that the lists will be prepared by the end of the week, adding that RND party settled 30% of the lists of local elections.

"I will participate in the lists across all municipalities and I want to achieve positive results in the local elections that are better than those achieved in 2012".

Ouyahia concluded that he would activate the campaign for his party personally, but without neglecting his duties at the head of the of the prime ministry.

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