Algeria: Projected Exploration of Mining Wealth And Rare Minerals To Cope With Ongoing Crisis

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icon-writer Hasna. B. / English Version: Med.B.

The Minister of Industry and Mines, Mr. Youcef Yousfi has expressed the need for the rapid and good exploitation of mining resources and the strong re-exploration of a number of materials necessary for industry and others such as rare earth metals including gold and diamonds.

He surmised that there would be results within a few months regarding the phosphate and fertilizer industry, notably through the launch of  partnerships in this regard and by spurring these activities towards the inevitable path of diversification of the national economy, which is a key priority. 

Mr. Yousfi said in his opening speech during the launch of the competitive pole for the food industry in the Mitidja region in central Blida province that his services are keen to upgrade the business climate and to ensure the stability of the legal framework so as to make investments in Algeria more attractive, especially for small and medium enterprises, which are the backbone structure of the Algerian economy, as he put it. 

The Minister of Industry and Mines said that 23 thousand enterprises are active in the food industry, thus constituting half of the national industrial production outside the hydrocarbons sector, but the latter companies have not yet reached the stage of full satisfaction despite the strenuous efforts exerted for the purpose. 

He also highlighted the intention of the State to provide all assistance and support for various projects and initiatives in order to shore up this major industrial branch, stressing that he hopes to launch a competitive pole dealing with the food industry as part of these ground-breaking  initiatives, and ultimately turning this reliable industrial pole into a model project that will be extended to other regions of the country.

The minister further stated that the ongoing process is part of the twinning project between Algeria and the European Union, stressing that the relevant pole will give a new breath to our young industries. 

It will also integrate our national products and our exports in keeping with world standards, he underscored to this effect.

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