Global warming and rainfall shortage threaten Algerians’ food

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icon-writer By: Nouara Bachouche / English version: M. A.

The latest study conducted by specialists in Climatology at Houari Boumediene University showed that current climate changes will affect Algeria in the next few years. Temperature will go up due to global warming. This would affect rainfall and harvests.

According to the study, annual rainfall in Algeria is decreasing.

“No increase in rainfall was noticed on the annual level. On the seasonal level, a big decrease was noticed in 20 water plants,” said the study.

The study is conducted by doctors at the university every three years. It concluded that rainfall is decreasing especially in autumn and winter.

Logically, climate changes in Algeria will have a negative impact on agriculture and harvests. 

The National Agency of Climate Change Researches said Algeria’s food annual needs are estimated at about 150 million quintals of cereals, more than 60 million of sheep and 5 million of cows.

Dr. Mohamed Souiher, a specialist in climatology, Tuesday told Echorouk that Algeria’s food security is in danger due to financial, energy and climate crises.

He added that countries which rely on oil exports economy will face a real crisis. They should conduct long term plans to exploit solar energy to eliminate negative repercussions of oil and gas use.

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