Algeria Makes Significant Progress In Financial, Budgetary Transparency

date 2017/09/13 views 1339 comments 0

icon-writer Hassane Houicha / English version: Dalila Henache

Algeria made significant progress in financial transparency, a report of the U.S. State Department for Foreign Affairs for Financial Transparency of 2017 said."Algeria recently published financial reports within a reasonable time".

The report, which was published on the U.S. State Department's official website, explained that Algeria recently made public financial and budget reports, but the government did not publish the budget report by the end of the year in a timely manner. 

Information on public debt assets has not been published and were not available to the general public.

The report implicated the extra-budgetary appropriation accounts, which the government said it retained but which were under scrutiny and the results were publicized, and explained that it made efforts to reduce those accounts.

Washington's report found that the data and information that are contained in the Algerian budget are reliable, and the government sporadically publishes the budget performance reports, and the Supreme Audit Board (the Audit Board) monitored and audited the government's performance of the budget and subsequently published the audit reports on its website in a reasonable time.

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